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Aubrey Huyck

|Owner . Licensed Esthetician . Wife . Mother|

       Beauty is my passion but my family, is my life! Ben is my hot, hot husband, and together we have a little boy, Emmett, and a little girl named Kennedy. When I'm not hanging with bridal parties or in our face & body spa, I can be found spending my time at home, with my fun little tribe. We like to spend as much time as possible outside together. Walking the woods behind our house with our rescue puppies, Riley & Zoey, gardening, going to the beach, working on home décor projects or throwing parties for our family and friends.

      I believe that comparison is the thief of happiness and I spent years comparing myself to others who seemingly had it all figured out. Then one day it clicked. I was the maid-of-honor in a friend's wedding. She had asked me to do her makeup(because she knew I loved it),and casually complimented me by saying "you should do this for a living." From that point on I have worked everyday to make that dream a reality.

 As women we have the capability of changing the world. It starts with respect, kindness and self-love. I feel that external confidence is a major part of that self-love. Enter ALH Beauty.

My job is to simply highlight the existing beauty.


One of my favorite parts of that blessed day, is obviously the Groom/Bride's reaction to their new Bride, all decked out in their very carefully planned dress, jewelry, hair and makeup. I love that my "work" gets to play a small part in that special moment.

I will be forever grateful for all of those wonderful moments I have been able to share in, as well as all of the friendships I have made.

I love that, even with 200+ events behind me, each experience is still so unique!

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