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Brazilian     95

Bikini     60

Full Face     55

Brow     25

Upper Lip|Chin     15|10

Lower|Full Leg     50|90

Under Arm     35

Full Arm     65


packages and parties available


Quickie     50

   A thirty minute skin refreshment, perfect for quickly cleansing away the wear of your busy day. 

About Enzyme     95

    This sixty minute custom facial is meant to not only relax, but treat and balance any skin concerns using the best enzyme to fit your specific skin type and/or condition.

Good To Glow     100

   Sixty minute facial, ending with a paraffin mask treatment, is specifically meant to hydrate, treat and calm dry and/or sensitive skin types. 

Baby Face     95

   Best for acne-prone skin, this sixty minute treatment comprises of detoxing and purifying products, meant to treat and prevent mild to strong acne.  

Single Peel     65

   'Kinetic Dermabrasion Crystal' therapy sloughs off dead/excess skin cells and encourages health within the new growth. This treatment, especially on a custom schedule, leaves skin tighter, more smooth and able to accept proper products easier. Great for anti-aging and oily skin types.

Double Peel     115

   Adding an AHA to the kinetic crystals creating a double layer peel, to give the skin a more youthful appearance and a fresh start. Perfect for individuals with an overproduction of oil, buildup of dead skin cells and/or more mature skin.


Classic Full Set     150

Classic Fill     75

Volume Full Set     200

Volume Fill     100

In Addition

Paraffin Mask     25

Extractions-Fifteen Minutes     25

Décolletage-Facial     10        

Eye Mask     10

Foot Wrap-Body TRMT     25

Head Massage     15

Body Treatments

Smooth Move     125

   A complete exfoliation of the arms, legs, back and torso, using a custom sugar scrub in one of four aromatherapy scents. Ending with a gentle and hydrating massage.

Body Wrap     225

   This therapeutic, ninety minute treatment is customized to each individual's body goals. Benefits include: toning/firming, body and skin detox, improves the appearance of new and old scars/stretch marks, reduces cellulite, evens skin tone and intensely hydrates skin.

Bacial     90

   This 'back facial' helps treat and aids in the prevention of blemishes, breakouts and keratosis pilaris. 

Peachy Keen     85

   Show your booty some love with this detoxing, exfoliating and hydrating treatment. 

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